Renting a place to call your home


Looking for a spot to call home can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. You may know what you are looking for but you don’t know if it is out there. You know that it is important to have access to all opportunities even those that may not yet be listed. Before making a choice you want to know the pros and cons of a neighbourhood and to evaluate whether a great deal really is that great.


That’s where Valerius Rentals kicks in. Amsterdam is in our DNA, we have the experience and the network to find and negotiate your new home. We work hard to understand what ‘feeling at home and comfortable’ specifically means for you.


We know the city inside-out; the best locations, the landlords, the plans, the hotspots and the ‘probably not for you areas’.


In a city like Amsterdam, action and reaction need to be in synch to grasp the best opportunities. At Valerius Rentals, we combine our expertise, sources, network and organisation to be Smart and Fast, to get you the home you want.


Our energetic team makes sure that we are on top of the current Amsterdam housing market.


Everything at Valerius is focused on execution, getting it right and saving time. With Valerius Rentals you won’t miss out on opportunities and we always stay within your schedule to get you, your best possible deal.

Our service comprises the following activities:


  • Comprehensive analysis of your requirements and the options available.
  • A selection of the broad housing supply in Amsterdam and surrounding areas, plus an exclusive insight into homes not available online.
  • Opportunities that meet your wishes are researched and emailed directly to you with information and photos
  • While you can expect us to make suggestions, you are always in control. You decide which properties interest you and we make it happen.
  • We arrange viewings on a day convenient to you and we can provide transport if needed.
  • For each potential home, you receive a comprehensive brochure with all the requisite information.
  • We represent your interests during all negotiations with the landlord.
  • We complete the administrative tasks.
  • The check in and check out, including a complete report and photos of the condition of the property.
  • We work on a No-Cure-No-Pay basis.
  • We understand that this home is very important to you, so even after the deal, we provide the highest standard of aftercare.
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