When renting out your property, unexpected things can happen. Imagine, your tenant calls you on Sunday morning because the central heating is not working. Now what? How do you get an engineer on site as quickly as possible? There is a power cut and your tenant does not know what to do. Where to go?


If you outsource property management to us, we will deal with it. Our specialised Property Management team allows us to offer an extensive package of services that saves landlords a great deal of work. We offer financial / administrative and technical management.


We will be delighted to prepare a quote tailored to your needs.

Our service comprises the following activities:


Financial and administrative management:

  • Collection and management of rental payments;
  • Assistance with rent arrears;
  • Monthly settlement and deposit of rental payments into your account;
  • Timely indexing and communication of increases in rent;
  • Payment, offset against rent, of small invoices up to € 750.00 for essential maintenance (always in consultation);
  • Provision of a financial (service charges) overview, upon request.


Technical management:

  • Dealing with repair requests and complaints from the tenant;
  • Determining who is responsible for repair or maintenance costs;
  • Oversight of (sub)contractors to ensure incidents are dealt with quickly and efficiently. If this is not possible, implementation of emergency solution measures;
  • Monitoring of work;
  • Proper aftercare.

The specialists at Valerius Rentals are happy to be at your service.

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