Moving a company to a new environment results into a lot of organisation for the employer, but also the employees have to deal with many changes. Especially when moving a company to a different country. Employees might be overwhelmed. A new city and place to work, also means a new place to call home. In order for employees to be more successful at work, the house needs to feel like home.


This is where Valerius Rentals can make the difference.


We are not your typical relocation company. Originally founded as a real estate agency, an established name in the Amsterdam / Amstelveen market, we developed into a real estate and relocation agency. With years of experience in real estate and more than 200 satisfied international relocated transferees in 2018 alone, we are proud to say we can offer you a full service package for your employees.


Our goal? To establish a long term relationship with our clients. How we do this? By listening to our clients and working with mutual respect and trust. The Expat will have one contact person during the entire process.


The choice for the right house, also means dealing with the possibilities and limitations of rules and regulations. For an Expat these rules and regulations are often not clear. Our up-to-date knowledge on this results in a care-free move for your employees and will make the relocation a positive experience. We are the perfect guide.


You can rely on our experience, knowledge and network to support you. We make it easier for you.


To ensure we offer the best service for our clients we provide a custom made relocation package.

Services available in our relocation package:


  • Interview with the Expat;
  • Managing expectations of the Expat;
  • Arranging temporary accommodation;
  • Guidance on the first registration;
  • Guidance on the school and/or nursery;
  • Arranging a complete information package on housing, knowledge of the areas and rules and regulations regarding rentals;
  • Orientation tour;
  • Home finding;
  • Settling-in services;
  • Providing a practical information package;

The specialists at Valerius Rentals are happy to be at your service.

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